Young Lungs; No Idling, Feb 11 2011

Gas Station Theatre, 445 River Ave., Winnipeg, Manitoba

Tickets = $15

February 11th at 8pm + February 12th at 3pm and 8pm

To reserve tickets to NO IDLING 2011 please write: Find us on Facebook : Young Lungs Dance Exchange

No Idling 2011 features new choreographic works by: Ali Robson, Sarah Roche + Ian Mikita, Coral Maloney, and Alexandra Elliott + Renée Vandale

Performers include:

Ali Robson, Sarah Roche, Ian Mozdzen, Coral Maloney, Ian Mikita, Tiffany Thomas, Spencer Halfyard, Emma Rose, Claire Marshall, Chelsea Cairnie, and Branwyn Bundon.


Creative feedback for No Idling has been offered to all creative collaborators by Toronto’s

Sasha Ivanochko – Artistic Director of blackandblue dance projects

No Idling 2011, as always features new dance and physical theatre works by local artists.

No Idling is a vital part of the annual Young Lungs season, giving opportunity to our membership to explore new ideas and choreographic approaches with in a showcase structure.

No Idling is the result of Young Lungs Dance Exchange finding ways to better serve our members with professional development, along with performance and creation opportunities.



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