Winnipeg Street Photography at Night, Dec 15 2012

Walking around a Wintery Winnipeg at night I encountered the Santas of SantaCon 2012,

and an art show at Zsa Zsa West Gallery involving unique lamps.

The Winter sidewalks of Winnipeg

Winnipeg Convention Centre and impark pay station.
The Winnipeg Hydro Building at night
Statue of Mother Mary in the snow
Carpark on Hargrave by St Mary. Looks like a modern art sculpture.
The cars on Main street make some exhaust fog; it was a humid night.
234 Main Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Times Changed High & Lonesome Club
Graham Ave, Winnipeg
The Bruce Head sculpture in Winnipeg Square beneath Portage and Main, 1978
Portage and Main at night
Carpark on Albert Street, Winnipeg
Little cream cheese and Strawberry Santas
SantaCon in Winnipeg, King’s Head Pub, 2012

Artist Lisa Ewasko building her Incandescent Fort next to Zsa Zsa West, on Pacific Ave near Main

Winnipeg Bikes in the Snow

Themed Light Exhibition – Trip the Light Fantastic

Trip the Light Fantastic is a curated group exhibition and sale taking place at Zsa Zsa West, 211 Pacific Avenue in Winnipeg. The theme of the show is light and will include lamps and lanterns as the basis of the show. The intention of the exhibition is to celebrate the Winter Solstice – however lamps and lanterns may be on any theme. All lanterns must be fireproof and lamps must be as close to CSA approval as possible. A parade of lanterns will take place on Pacific Avenue during the opening reception on the evening of December 15. Performances related to the parade are encouraged. Artists are encouraged to send either a proposed lamp or lantern or an example of previous works. Works using recycled material will be given preference for this exhibition. The works will be for sale and must be $100 and under.  Trip the Light Fantastic is a 50/50 sale fundraiser for Zsa Zsa West. Sorry – out of town artists wishing to participate must pay for their own shipping.

Glowing black light lamp
Out of focus Bokeh Xmas lights

Bucket of Chicken Lamp







Zsa Zsa West; Soap lid lights, Winnipeg



The Shanghai Building is gone.


The old Shanghai building on King and Alexander, Winnipeg, was torn down Dec 2012
Giant off road looking 4×4 in Winnipeg. Looks like the Super Jeeps in Iceland. Sort of.


Crumbled snow scraped off the streets of Winnipeg



People choose to walk some strange paths



The Confederation Building on Main street, Winnipeg


Hoar Frost on the trees. It has been mild and humid lately


Abstract shopping cart art



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