Winnipeg Kids Fest, June 6 2013

A beautiful first day for the 2013 Winnipeg Kids Fest.

Winnipeg Kids Fest 2013
Mr Mark and his washboard antics


Sweets from the streets of Japan




Winnipeg Kids Fest 2013


The Winnipeg Jump Rope Demo Team








Lots of fun things fro kids to do.




Reptiles are at the Kids Fest!

All kinds of bugs and insects live in the marsh water.




Marsh Monsters


Prehistoric Reptile eats small laughing child




French Step Dancing workshop for kids




Kids love snakes!











Kids get messy with paint



Happy girls at the Winnipeg Kids Fest, 2013



Fred Penner always packs the house.









Lunch under a tree in the summer.



Winnipeg trees and Red River



Dan Craig juggles four knives



It’s a full tent at the Winnipeg Kids Fest








Trapeze excitement








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