Winnipeg International Kids Fest 30th anniversary media launch, May 16 2012

Winnipeg Kids Fest

Fred Penner, Al Simmons and Jake Chenier, the three musketeers of 30 years of the Winnipeg Kids Fest






Cute kids pointing in the air


The media was all there


Al Simmons tells Neal Rempel, Executive Producer of the Kids Fest, how to run the show


Mitch Podolak reminisces about the good old days.



Premier of Manitoba, Greg Selinger



The original board from 1982 of the Kids Fest



The big tent at the Forks, Winnipeg


Fred Penner speaks about the Kids Fest





Al Simmons, Fred Penner, Jake Chenier





Al Simmons attempts to get into every camera shot








Tracy Koga from SHAW tv interviews Al Simmons and Fred Penner





Leslee Silverman and Neal Rempel




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