Winnipeg Folk Fest, July 7 2012

The 39th annual Winnipeg Folk Fest
Birds Hill Park, Manitoba

Scamper, RV, retro motor camping


Bur Oak stage, before the crowds show up. Winnipeg Folk Fest


Drum circle waiting for the people


tie die shirt guy


Connor we are going to sit where we were last night.






Some excellent Winnipeg Folk Fest fashions


Winnipeg Folk Fest, setting up the tarp field


The non running tarp run, Winnipeg Folk Fest



Waiting to set up the tarps


Friends, Family & Music. Is there anything else? Winnipeg Folk Fest


SLOW!; Winnipeg Folk Fest



Winnipeg Folk Fest


Art on the poles, Winnipeg Folk Fest


The famous Whales Tails at the Winnipeg Folk Fest


Art. Pole. Sky


Nice Hat! Winnipeg Folk Fest


The precious water taps. Winnipeg Folk Fest


Wooden Buttons, Velvet Plume, Winnipeg Folk Fest


The Long Tall Cowboy, Velvet Plume, Winnipeg Folk Fest


Matt Jenkins, Cloverdale Forge, Winnipeg Folk Fest


red hot metal on the anvil soon to be a little leaf


Ravi Shukla has two moustaches, and one is metal


Blacksmithing is now a spectator sport


Fred Casey and his handmade guitars and ukuleles. 2012 is the last year he will be at the Folk Fest, but he will not stop making guitars!


Alan Lacovetski and Dave Krindle make mugs and plates and bowls.


Happy people at the Winnipeg Folk Fest



Shady Grove, Winnipeg Folk Fest


Shady Grove, Winnipeg Folk Fest




Blue guitar in the sky



Backstage at the Winnipeg Folk Fest


Winnipeg Folk Fest 2012


The trusty Beaver Bus that takes the musicians and volunteers back and forth from Birds Hill Park to the Fairmont Hotel


Vintage Bus driver, David Brown



The Food tent; Winnipeg Folk Fest 2012


Gibson the Garden gnome, backstage at the Winnipeg Folk Fest 2012



Winnipeg Folk Fest 2012




Excellent art on a Folk Fest flag, some sort of animal blowing bubble out of its tail

“The blue flag has a story invented by one of my daughters when she was young. It’s about a dog, named Pout Pout, the dog who stinks. He was sad. No one liked him because he smells bad. But one day he found he can blow bubbles out of his tail and everybody likes him since then.” Gérald L.

(The talented young girl originally drew Pout Pout, then Gérald retraced it onto the flag.)

Piet Mondrian tarp art, Winnipeg Folk Fest 2012


Dragonfly, Birds Hill Park


Tibetan prayer flags in the sunny summer sky


Tibetan prayer flags, Winnipeg Folk Fest 2012


The tarp field, Winnipeg Folk Fest 2012



The main stage, Winnipeg Folk Fest 2012, before the action starts



Gold fish flag, Winnipeg Folk Fest 2012




Photographer gets in her face, Winnipeg Folk Fest 2012



dconsturct jewelry, Winnipeg Folk Fest 2012 

Nik Thavisone and Sam Posnick


Having a summer nap in the forest




Glass spider, Winnipeg Folk Fest


Glass Window, Winnipeg Folk Fest


metal by Tyler Allenson, cast glass by Brook Drabot, lamp worked glass by Ryan Lacovetsky


Glass flowers


trees, clouds, sky


Kids fun in the kids tent, Winnipeg Folk Fest


Tug of war with children



Purple thistles



Dry Bones; Nathan Rogers, Leonard Podolak, JD Edwards; demonstrating a hambone knee slap competition



Musical Gnomon

 Christel Lanthier and Lindsey Bond team up to present their sculptural work “Musical Gnomon” at The Winnipeg Folk Festival 2012 July 2-8th.

This sculpture is an abstracted sundial and transient musical composition. Upon the Gnomon resides movable music notes creating a play of shadows based on the direction of the sun. The sculpture has been made by hand from recycled metal from Fiola Farms. Anyone can approach the sculpture and play with the notes, moving them back and forth to create unique music shadow compositions.

Special Thanks to:

The Bike Dump
Fiola Farm
The Winnipeg Folk Festival
Annia and René Lanthier



Winnipeg Folk Fest; The Steeldrivers



Mitch Podolak checks out the new Volkwagens


The new 2013 Volkswagen Beetle at the Winnipeg Folk Fest



Winnipeg Folk Fest Music Store, the Ingrid Gatin CD cover was photographed by me! (Leif Norman)


The mysterious space cocoon that landed in search of the Secondhand Pants


Giant Scrabble game “Love Moi”


Kids on Stilts; Winnipeg Folk Fest



This is the drawing I made for the Folk Fest colouring book



Giant sandbox, Winnipeg Folk Fest




Sam Amidon and Beth Orton at the Winnipeg Folk Fest


Guy sleeping in the grass; Winnipeg Folk Fest








reddline jewelry, Winnipeg Folk Fest


Laura Groening, Garret Hnatiuk and Adam Brooks


Curtis & Marlon Wiebe
The Secondhandpants Science-Folktion Jukebox Side Show
Pop in a coin, button or other small object into the slot, then make your selection, honk the appropriate horn and prepare to be astounded! It’s a Jukebox! It’s a live performance! It’s the Science-Folktion Jukebox Sideshow! Operating 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM, Friday through Sunday.


Rick Unger & Gilbert Detillieux
Phineas Farnsworth’s Phanto-graphic Stereo-morpho-scope
Over a century before 3D plasma TVs, 3D enthusiasts were making amazing photos that jumped off the page! Journey back to the Victorian era and see the festival through the eyes of the visionary Phineas Farnsworth.






Huge crowds at the Winnipeg Folk Fest


Royal Wood at the Winnipeg Folk Fest


Peace sign shirt in pink



Daring Folk Fest fashions!


The Music Store Stage is powered by the Sun!


Pretty Sky Clouds



Excellent folk fest dancing


Winnipeg Folk Fest; Dancing girls



Sitting in the trees


A new civilization in the trees, Winnipeg Folk Fest








Bag by Linnear Designs, Winnipeg Folk Fest


Kim Churchill at the Winnipeg Folk Fest



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