Winnipeg Folk Fest, July 13 2014

Iain Brynjolson says the dried fruit is a hit!



Winnipeg Folk Fest Fashions


Sriracha and Cucumber, a taste explosion



Pollock’s Hardware at the Folk Fest



David in Pollock’s


Hardware store paint splatter Jackson Pollock


Winnipeg style Crokinole




Folk Fest Camping













Cut wood macro






Martha Street Studio at the Winnipeg Folk Fest









Dan Stadnicki gets some advanced tambourine tips


The Bros. Landreth




Noura Mint Seymali; Ousmane Touré on the bass


Noura Mint Seymali



Noura Hemed Vall on guitar


Dancing in the rain





Awesome Ukulele drawing







Christopher Redd, Redd Line Jewellry






Ani DiFranco and her four string Cromwell


Jake Shimabukuro, Ani Difranco, Joan Baez and Sarah Lee Guthrie





Ross Ainslie

When Ross Ainslie and Jarlath Henderson first burst onto the scene, they looked to be among the most promising young stars the Celtic world had seen. Virtuosos both, the duo found a little bit of magic in the spirited union of Ainsley’s Scottish pipes, Henderson’s Irish uilleann pipes and an assortment of whistles.

Latest from 2014

NAfro Dance, Nov 7 2014

Patana Final call is a fantastic new production  featuring the new dance works
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