Winnipeg Folk Fest, July 11 2014

Johnny Irion on the bus heading out to Winnipeg Folk Fest. We had a great talk about children’s music, and children writing music.



Basil on the picnic table



Giant Jenga tower building






Nathan Dueck makes great hats




Martha Redbone



Hiss Golden Messenger



Geomungo Factory’s Jung Ein-Ryoung



A packed workshop stage at the Folk Fest



Jaron Freeman-Fox and the opposite of everything


Geomungo Factory uses a variety of improved Korean zithers — cello geomungo, chulhyungeum, portable electric geomungo, steel-string gayageum and 25-stringed gayageum.




Zolotarev Eugenii of Namgar


David Fox of Fox and Branch


Will Branch and David Fox



A picnic table jam in the beer tent


Buffy Sainte-Marie sings Universal Soldier





Manitoba Botany



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NAfro Dance, Nov 7 2014

Patana Final call is a fantastic new production  featuring the new dance works
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