Winnipeg Comedy Festival, The Winnipeg Show, April 6 2016

Winnipeg is known for its music scene, dance scene, art scene, and winter scene. But Winnipeg just might be the funniest city in Canada, too. Here we focus all the attention on these hometown heroes of hilarity.

Hosted by: Dan Verville

CAST: Lara Rae, Matt Nightingale, Carole Cunningham, Andy Noble, Dana Smith, Paul Rabliauskas, Tyler Penner, Scott Porteous and The 28th Minute.

Happy Comedy Fest Volunteers!

Winnipeg Comedy Festival
Dan Verville

Lara Rae

Andy Noble

Carole Cunningham

Tyler Penner

Scott Porteous

Dana Smith

Paul Rabliauskis

Matt Nightingale

The 28th Minute, Kevin Ramberran and Thomas Toles

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