Winnipeg Comedy Festival, The Debaters, April 11 2015

CBC’s The Debaters – Saturday

Venue: Club Regent Event Centre – 1425 Regent Avenue West    11 April, 2015 at 2:00pm


* Performer Line-up is subject to change.

A fertile mix of fact and funny as comics debate topics from the topical to the trivial with huge laughter as the only and just reward. Hosted by Steve Patterson.
Kids and Clothes – should kids wear what they want?
Wes Borg says, “Let kids be T-shirt disturbers.” Derek Seguin wants to give Wes a dressing down.
Air Travel – has it improved our lives?
Danish Anwar doubts it. Rebecca Kohler thinks flying is grand and that’s the plane truth!
First Impressions – do they matter?
Tanyalee Davis says, “Look again!” Darryl Orr believes in no second chances when it comes to first impressions.
Pigeon or Crow – which is the worse urban pest?
Ivan Decker decries the crow. Pete Johansson picks on pigeons.
Moving – should friends help friends move?
D.J. Demers says, “That’s what friends are for.” Tim Nutt tells him, “U-Haul it yourself.”
Ads on CBC Radio One – should we have them?
Al Rae says, “Anything to pay the bills.” Charlie Demers sees a slippery slope.
Darryl Orr


Tanyalee Davis



Backstage at CBC’s the Debaters



CBC’s the Debaters radio taping in Winnipeg



D.J. Demers and Ivan Decker have very good taste in clothes.


Steve Patterson


Danish Anwar





Rebecca Kohler



Wes Borg



Derek Seguin










Charlie Demers



Al Rae


D.J. Demers




Tim Nutt


Pete Johansson





Ivan Decker





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