Winnipeg Comedy Festival, “My Canada” Gala, April 12 2013

Friday Night Super Gala – Regional Comedy Showdown

Venue: Pantages Playhouse Theatre
Price: $54.95
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12 April, 2013 at 6:45pm

Act One

Host: Steve Patterson
Charlie Demers
Trent McClellan
Al Rae
Martha Chaves
Derek Seguin
Jonny Harris

On Friday, both shows are one ticket price.

Act One is the best of Canada with comics celebrating and condemning their hometowns with The Debaters Steve Patterson donning his stand up hat to host.

Jon Dore decides on the right costume.



A happy CBC winner!


Vintage Vaudeville Decoration at Winnipeg’s Pantages Theatre



Sean Cullen, Charlie Demers and Al Rae in the Green Room


Elvira Kurt warms up the Winnipeg Comedy Fest crowd


Winnipeg’s famous Pantages Vaudeville Theatre






































































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