Leif is the official photographer for:

The Winnipeg Comedy Festival (since 2005)

The MTC Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival (since 2006)

The International Winnipeg Kids Fest (since 2006)

Festival of Fools (since 2007)

Circus and Magic Partnership (since 2007)

The Winnipeg Art Gallery (Events and Commercial photos) (since 2010)

The Manitoba Icelandic Festival (since 2010)

Monica’s Danz Gym (2010- 2015)

Thin Air, Winnipeg International Writers Festival (2011-2013)

Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers (since 2011)

Cluster Festival (since 2015)

The Royal Winnipeg Ballet recreational division (since 2015)


Leif Norman also photographs:

Headshots for actors, directors and anyone else in the industry who needs a good shot of themselves.

Locations in Winnipeg that need to be preserved like The Wagon Wheel restaurant, Ragpickers, Antiques and Funk etc…

Click here for an explanation of why I think it is so important for photographers to do this.

Dance. I think Modern Dance is the most exciting thing to photograph.

You need the fastest reflexes, a sense of what will happen next, and technical skill so you can deal with extreme lighting changes when shooting dance.

Fun! Frustrating! Exhilarating!

Herbie Barnes as Bilbo Baggins in MTYP’s “The Hobbit”
Paula Blair’s “Run for it!”
Bit Cadet at Nuit Blanche at the Winnipeg Art Gallery October 2011