Warren Carther Winnipeg Airport Sculpture Installation, Sept 27 2011


a glass sculpture by Warren Carther commissioned for the new

Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson Airport

How to describe it:

It’s a carved and sandblasted blue glass sculpture lit from beneath and within by coloured LEDs.

When approaching it from the security check in, where all passengers pass through,

the aperture created by the piece frames the prairie landscape seen through the windows of the departure lounge.

Quite lovely.

Warren Carther’s website

This was the day most of the blocks were assembled. Tough one.

Click here for the next step in the Aperture installation



Winnipeg Airport Sept 2011 still under construction


Winnipeg Airport Sept 2011 still under construction
























Glass art by Warren Carther


Installation of "Aperture" by Warren Carther


Warren Carther, Sept 2011








With the lights on the glass glows.


With the lights off the glass looks opaque


Installation of Warren Carther's "Aperture" LED lit glass sculpture at Winnipeg Airport, Sept 2011




Windex. Very helpful stuff



5 tons of glass hanging above 5 tons of glass. Everyone was very clenched.




Loctite Hysol E-30CL epoxy resin. Tough stuff!




The piece had to be perfectly level when lowering down to touch the bottom half, otherwise glass splinters might fly.





Looks good!




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