Warming Huts at the Forks and the Riverwalk, Jan 24 2012

A sunny winter day in Winnipeg


I find the shadows on the snow interesting. Maybe nobody else does. Anyone?


winter snow biking in Winnipeg


signs, signs, everywhere are signs


stairs leading down to the Assiniboine River


The Riverwalk in winter, Winnipeg


Some daring people cross the river even though it might be thin ice


McFadyen Park has seen better days



These nice new wooden benches down by the river have already been ruined with graffiti. Jerks!


The squirrels have been jumping around in the snow


This is some interesting graffiti. On the bridge. In Winnipeg. In winter.


Under the Donald street bridge in Winnipeg



Winnipeg's fantastic trees down by the river



Danger Thin Ice Keep Off the river


It was minus forty last week and the Assiniboine river still has not frozen


Procor tanks on the railway


The engineer actually waved at me!



Winnipeggers love a bargain - and it doesn't get much thriftier than a Frank Gehry structure for $20K. As part of the third annual competition for River Trail warming huts, Gehry has contributed an elegant design of Douglas fir and semi-translucent ice blocks. The participation of the Toronto-born, L.A-based architect, best known for the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, confirms the competition's rapidly rising international profile.


Nice patterns of snow on ice. Maybe squirrels?







blocks of ice


Frank Gehry's ice and wood warming hut in Winnipeg


















Solid blocks of ice


Solid blocks of ice


Railway bridge near the Forks, Winnipeg



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