Upper Fort Garry, Sept 17 2016

Winnipeg Design Festival 2016.

Upper Fort Garry Tour.

Explore the stories behind Winnipeg’s trading exchange through the planning, materials and details of the Upper Fort Garry Provincial Heritage Park.

Take a walk through this park with two landscape architects who will teach about the history of the site and the design decisions that respond in a unique way to the history of Winnipeg. Experience how landscape architecture allows us to interact with history.

Forts on Fort.

Join this family-focused event at the recently completed Upper Fort Garry Heritage Park.  Re-imagine history as you build new forts on Winnipeg’s old forts.  Come and take part in what is going to be Winnipeg’s most memorable cardboard box fort-making event!

Letter Peddler Press:

All are invited to Letter Peddler Press, a mobile printshop from Martha Street Studio where you can create your own custom postcard of Winnipeg! Selecting from a collection of Winnipeg icons, you can choose which Winnipeg landmarks to feature. Be sure to make two so you can keep one and mail another to a friend!

Organized by Sean McLachlan and Francesca Carella Arfinengo

Cool Gardens Bike Tour. Cool Gardens is a public exhibition of contemporary garden and art installations that offers a shift of sensation for the summer—cooling—as a general theme. The exhibit aims to bring architects, designers, landscape architects, and artists together to celebrate contemporary garden culture and the local landscape.

This exhibition is coming to a close after the festival. If you haven’t yet checked out these refreshing installations, take part in this guided bike tour.

Winnipeg Design Festival 2016




Building a giant Fort out of cardboard boxes.




Upper Fort Garry, Winnipeg September 2016




Letter Peddler Press, Winnipeg



Cool Gardens Bike tour




Upper Fort Garry, September 2016





Winnipeg Design Festival, September 2016




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