Trip to Toronto, August 23 2014

We had to stay in Wawa overnight after the trans Canada highway was shut heading east after a truck reportedly flipped over and blocked it both ways.

Lake Wawa sunrise



Old Woman Bay on Lake Superior


Batchawana Bay, Ontario. Fresh Cut Fries


Gitchee Gumee Marina, Ontario


Used to be a Lounge, now it’s a permanent garage sale, Havilland Ontario



Gitchee Gumee Marina, Havilland, Ontario





Mariner’s Cove Antique Co-Op, Bruce Mines Ontario




Get Lucky’s Lucky Snack Bar, Spanish, Ontario


Grundy Lake Provincial Park, Campsite





Smashed Camper


Agawa Bay! Full Service Centre. South end of Lake Superior Provincial Park


Old gas pump guts




Broken glass





Cinder block ruins


Street Artist Heart Robot has been here!








Melted Glass from an intense fire


Remains of a restaurant








Bundle of old tires






Spider webs in the twigs



The Montreal River at the very south end of Lake Superior Park







Sault Saint Marie, Ontario



The Diplomat Motel, Sault Saint Marie


Ermatinger Old Stone House in Sault Saint Marie, oldest stone house Northwest of Toronto. Built 1813-14

“The Ermatinger Old Stone House has been fully restored to depict the domestic and professional life of Charles Oakes Ermatinger, as well as other respected residents who lived in the House between 1808 and 1896.  The home was built with local red fieldstone and the exterior walls range from 30” to 36” thick, which provided natural protection against the elements. The flooring is original and is 2” thick by 6” wide, double tongued and grooved white pine. The majority of the doors are in their original form. The fire mantles are all reproductions, created with hand tools to closely preserve the original design.” 

Vintage painted advertisement on brick wall, Sault Saint Marie


Street scene; Sault Saint Marie


Vintage Photo Studio, Sault Saint Marie, 716 Queen Street East


Sault Saint Marie photographers Micheal McAdams and Jeff McKersie




Sault Saint Marie street scene



Highway 17 East / West Ontario


Blind River, Ontario



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