Trip to Toronto, August 22 2014

A very wet night on the north end of Lac des Mille Lacs.

The guys next to us in the campsite stayed up very late drinking beer and telling fish stories and talking about their girlfriend’s cats.



Edmund the Zebra. Our Travelling familiar.


Fishing boat near Nipigon


Canada’s smallest Canadian Tire, Nipigon Ontario


Canadian Tire in Nipigon


Nipigon Thrift Store




The Beardmore Viking Relics, Nipigon Ontario

“The Beardmore Relics are a cache of Viking Age artifacts, said to have been unearthed near Beardmore, OntarioCanada, in the 1930s. The cache consists of a Viking Age sword, an axe head, and a bar of undetermined use (possibly a part of a shield). It has been claimed by some that the relics are proof of the early Norse occupation in northern Ontario. While the authenticity of the fragments is not generally disputed, the “discovery” is generally considered to be a hoax. In the 1930s, the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) purchased the relics from the man who supposedly unearthed them. For about twenty years they were prominently displayed by the museum; however, the museum was forced to pull the relics from display following a public enquiry in about 1956–1957. About this time, the son of the supposed discoverer admitted that his father had planted the relics. The provincial museum re-introduced the relics to public display in the 1990s.” from Wikipedia




Joke Chain Saw in the Nipigon Museum

A bushmen joke tool made in the Nipigon Domtar Machine shop where Buzz Lein worked.


Gin Bottle Log Stamp


The Nipigon Museum


Excellent enamelled pot


Glass Vacuum pot with burner and shower cap, Nipigon Museum


World Record Speckled Trout




Hand made Finish matt loom


The Nipigon Museum had a bit of a fire in 1991


Nipigon Historical Museum



Carved Tree stump, Nipigon Ontario



The Nipigon Drive-In. Good Burgers






Good Burger!


A nice Lake Superior Bay just east of Nipigon



Terrace Bay, Ontario


Street Fair, Terrace Bay, Ontario



Excellent Canadian Clouds


Wawa Ontario


Red Quail (Partridge?) enamel mug by Finel. Design by Kaj Franck. Bought in Dryden Salvation Army Store for 25 cents.

“Kaj Franck (1911-1989) was one of the leading figures of Finnish design, the teacher of several generations of professional designers in Finland, and an influential figure in design and applied arts between 1940-1980. He was artistic director of the Wärtsilä Group (later Hackman Plc, present-day Iittala Group) and artistic director and teacher at the College of Applied Arts, the predecessor of the University of Art and Design Helsinki.[1]

The Design Forum Finland[2] awards the yearly Kaj Franck Design Prize to a designer or team of designers working in the spirit of the late Kaj Franck. Recipients of the prize include Simo Heikkilä and Oiva Toikka.

The Mint of Finland will release a collector coin with the theme “Kaj Franck and Industrial Art” in January 2011. The year of release will coincide with the one hundredth anniversary of his birth.” from Wikipedia






Spray paint on the Canadian Shield


Canadian Granite



Highway 17 is beautiful







Beach at Terrace Bay, Ontario







Rapids at Hay’s Lake Dam, Terrace Bay, Ontario


Camping north of Wawa Ontario