Trip to Piney Manitoba, Sept 5 2016

The road to Piney


Piney and Vita Manitoba




Vintage John Deere tractor




Piney Manitoba








Piney Manitoba



The old Piney School





Historic Photos of Piney


The Piney Hall



The Piney Blueberry Festival, 1963



Piney Community Cemetery



My Grandmother, Patricia Mary Norman (nee Patrick) died last June, and the family gathered in Piney to bury her ashes.



Pat Norman (March 17, 1924 – June 15, 2016)





Bjorn Hjorleifursson (1859 – 1922) and Hjorleifur Bjornsson (1888 – 1936) and Leifura Bjornsson (1914 – 1990). Many varieties of the name LEIF.


The directory of everyone buried at Piney Cemetery



Lance Corporal Skafti Eyford (died Dec 16 1977, age 81)


Vintage Wire Fence


A poem about Piney, by Millie Thompson


The Piney Railway Station.





Piney and Pinecreek Border Airport Dedication, July 28, 1979




Piney Manitoba vintage class photo


Sheila Norman, Pat Norman, Monty P and Pat’s Mother Mamie Patrick, with Elsie D



Good Manitoba Food. Salads of Cucumber, Tomato, Potato, Pasta, Beans, Coleslaw and cold Ham.



There used to be a house here. Piney Manitoba


The railway tracks used to run through here.



This is the old Rail Station Manager’s House. Piney Manitoba. The Brick Chimney fell over and busted up the front room.
Here is an image of the house before the chimney collapsed. Unknown Photographer.
Municipal Office, Piney Manitoba




Vintage Linoleum Pattern







All the Norman’s



A history of Piney Manitoba



The Valley Inn, Piney MB







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