Trip to Iceland, September 5, 2017

A very busy day! Skogafoss waterfall and a hike to the top of the ridge to see more rapids and waterfalls. Then we had lunch in the parking lot and marched down a rocky path to Seljavallalaug and the team had a dip in the natural waters.

And then we went to Sólheimajökull glacier just to look at it, not actually go ice climbing on it. Finally we ended up on
Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach as the sun was setting. Lovely!


Climbing the many stairs to the top of Skogafoss, Iceland


You can rent cute little Renaults from Rent.Is and camp around Iceland! Breakfast in the parking lot!


Drones seem to be a new problem in Iceland.


Lots of tourists at Skogafoss. It’s a very popular spot.



Waterfalls and Rainbows. Iceland is too pretty.


People seem to walk all over the place and wreck the natural grass and flowers. (Tourist problems in Iceland)



Please close the gate!



Tyler seeks out a good shot.


There are more beautiful waterfalls above Skogafoss




Beautiful plants and grasses in Iceland








Another Leif Norman post card shot of Iceland.


Leif and Heather with their travelling companion, Edmund the Zebra



This is what happens when thousands of boots pass over the Icelandic turf. The mud gets folded over and the grass gets killed. This is why people need to stick to one trail, and minimize the damage.






Closed for Flora Protection. Iceland





Camping at Skogafoss, Iceland




Hiking to Seljavallalaug


Funky Iceland



The trail to Seljavallalaug can be a bit treacherous.



Leaky hot water pipe, Iceland


Seljavallalaug; 1923



The whole crew, except me, at seljavallalaug






The view of the mountains from seljavallalaug




This is another place where Elves and Huldufolk live in Iceland.



The built in HDR function in the Canon 6D mark ll can make some fun glitches if the subject moves during the exposures.




“In Drangshlíð by Eyjafjöll mountains there is a big rock in the field, almost the height of 20 men. On one side of it there are caves and big spaces beneath it, and the farmers kept there all of their hay and their cowsheds.” from GuidetoIceland.Is



Drangshlíð Rock and the Elves in South-Iceland



Sólheimajökull glacier


Sometimes there can be rockslides near sólheimajökull glacier


Sólheimajökull glacier shot with the Canon 6D mark ll (digital photo)


Sólheimajökull glacier shot on 35mm slide film. Olympus XA2

The digital photo has better detail but the film photo has a better “feel”.

Warning signs at Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach. Sneaker waves can rush up and drag you into the North Atlantic Ocean; and then you will be very dead.



Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach, Iceland



Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach, with Puffins in their nests up on the cliffs.





Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach, by Vik, Iceland




There are so many tourists trying to take photos, that it prevents people from trying to take photos.




“Upon visiting the beach, travellers will immediately observe rocky sea stacks sitting off the shoreline, known as Reynisdrangar. According to local Icelandic folklore, these large basalt columns were once trolls engaged in trying to pull ships from the ocean. However, as bad luck would have it, the dawn quickly arose, turning the trolls into solid stone.” from GuidetoIceland.IS






Black Sand Beach Restaurant, Iceland



A nice Icelandic breakfast. Waffles, cold meats, strong coffee and home made jams.


Our three rental cars from SadCars. Two old Rav4’s and a new Dacia Duster.



The Icelandic Pledge


Picnic lunch in an Icelandic parking lot









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