Trip to Iceland, September 4, 2017

From Reykjavik to Petursey, a little tuff mountain in the south of Iceland just West of Vik. This mountain has Elves living in it, and it is said that good ones live on one side and bad ones live on the other. On the way we passed Seljalandsfoss and Steinahellir cave.

Hveragerði, Iceland from the cliff above.



Michael with his camera in Iceland


Information about Seljalandsfoss









There actual insects in Iceland. Here is a caterpillar.


Darren with his wide angle lens in Iceland


Looking back towards Seljalandsfoss waterfall


Very old Icelandic Hydroelectric power plant


A very old sheep watering trough? Carved from solid stone.


Gljúfrabúi waterfall, South Iceland. Bring a poncho. You are going to get wet!


Looking upward from inside Gljúfrabúi waterfall



Shooting some Super-8 Film in Iceland




Steinahellir Cave



Inside Steinahellir Cave




Mystical Icelandic Landscape




Icelandic Horse






“A peculiar mound stands out south of Pétursey – it is in the shape of a pyramid or a cone and its name is Eyjarhóll – Island Mound. This mound is covered in grass and is also the habitation of elves.” from


Small Icelandic Elf House


The outside hot tub at our Reykjavik Hotel that was not operational, yet.


SadCars messed up a on our rental a bit, so they gave us muffins!


SadCars Garage



Seljalandsfoss has their own roast of Coffee supplied by Kaffitar.




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