Trip to Iceland, September 1, 2017

After an overnight flight where we glimpsed the southern coast of Greenland, we landed in Keflavik Iceland and headed into Reykjavik to drink coffee.


Keflavik Airport


L hinges for little swing out lights in windows. Popular in Reykjavik.


View from inside Reykjavik Cathedral. Excellent Wobbly glass


Anno 1847. Reykjavik Cathedral


Another view of the Reykjavik Cathedral from a vintage photograph


The lovely Art Deco lobby of the Hotel Borg, Reykjavik


Art Deco furniture in Iceland. Hotel Borg



2017 in Reykjavik is rather full of construction and cranes.






Amanda and Heather in Harpa




Interior of Harpa, Reykjavik



Little piles of rocks. Why do people pile up little stacks of rocks?



Horputorg. Do not park here!




Solfar. The Sun Voyager.






The Icelandic flavour for candy is strong black liquorice.


Nearly naked Icelandic Mermaid. Nordur Salt.



Reykjavik Roasters is my favourite coffee place in the city.


CenterHotel Midgardur


Photographer Ian McCausland takes a quick nap


KEX, very nice decor, and a good burger too.


Modern life in Reykjavik. Tearing down the old buildings. This one is holding out though.



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