Transcona Historical Museum, May 11 2013

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“History of Transcona

The name “Transcona” was chosen to commemorate the railway to which the town owes its existence. It is claimed that the name “Transcona” was chosen from thousands of contest entries and was a combination of “Transcontinental” and “Strathcona”.

  • “Transcontinental” – either for the CPR Transcontinental trains that passed through the area or for the National Transcontinental Railway who constructed the shops in cooperation with the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway
  • “Strathcona” for Donald Alexander Smith, also known as Lord Strathcona. He headed one of the groups responsible for constructing the Canadian Pacific Railway. In 1885, Lord Strathcona drove the last spike into the CPR railway.

Establishment of the Town-site

  • In 1906 or 1907, the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway surveyed an area in the Suthwyn district for the future site of the western repair shop and the town of Transcona.
  • In 1907 or 1908, the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway purchased 800 acres of land located 8 miles east of Winnipeg from John Henry Kern for the construction of the railway repair shops and the future town-site.”
The Transcona Historical Museum, 141 Regent Ave West, Winnipeg




Transcona Historical Museum, it used to be a bank!


Delivery bike for telegraphs





photos and stories from Transcona


Vintage Typewriter



A book about Transcona







A collection of Victorian Photographs



City plan of Transcona from 1912



Birds Eye View of Transcona, 1911





Old Fire Brigade equipment


Transcona Shops, Hockey Champs 1925


The CN Rail Transcona shops made artillery shells for World War One




Manitoba Atlatl Dart Points and Stone Arrow Heads, from 2000 years ago!


The Transcona Museum also has a large collection of Manitoba Butterflies



Birthday Cake for Manitoba!


Box of Butterflies, Manitoba Pieridae



CNR Trainman Hat


Transcona Mugs!


A vintage Baseball Glove


The Transcona Historical Museum contains the Cecil Patterson Archaeology Collection


Amateur Baseball Champions of Manitoba, Transcona 1916



A history of Spear points, Atlatl Darts and Arrowheads


A skinny door for the mop and bucket


Transcona Time Capsule made from a CN Caboose Alternator



Humorous old Transcona Postcard. “You are Pulling my leg!”



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