Tobias Hughes shoot for “The Courier” Fringe Show, June 29 2012

THE COURIER by Vern Thiessen

premiered in 1987 at Festival One of the Winnipeg Fringe.

A quarter century later, Thiessen celebrated the 25th Anniversary of the Fringe by directing Winnipeg’s rising star Toby Hughes in a special remount of the play.

Set in Berlin in 1945, THE COURIER tells the story of a young messenger in Hitler’s army who must decide: open a restricted letter and face truth or remain ignorant and risk death.

Notably, THE COURIER is the first play Thiessen ever wrote.

THE COURIER is produced by Who Knows Productions. Generous support provided by the Manitoba Arts Council and the Manitoba Association of Playwrights.

Both shows are stage managed by Daniel Thau-Eleff.

VENUE # 27: The Rory Runnels Studio, 100 Arthur St.

BACK TO BERLIN is Thiessen’s companion piece to THE COURIER. Fifty years after the end of the war, a middle-aged man returns to Berlin with his father, who had been a courier in Hitler’s army. A fast paced, funny and poignant one-man show, BACK TO BERLIN explores father/son relationships, family secrets, and how history can play tricks on our memory. After performances in Vancouver, Edmonton, Virginia and New York, BACK TO BERLIN makes its Winnipeg debut.


“The Courier” Written and Directed by Vern Thiessen, featuring Toby Hughes


Toby Hughes, awesome Winnipeg Actor and funny guy



“The Courier” Written and Directed by Vern Thiessen, Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival 2012



The back stairs at 91 Albert Street, Winnipeg need a bit of sweeping




Grungy walls, waiting on the stairs



World War Two German uniform, and textured background


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