Thom Bargen Coffee, Feb 19 2013

On a very cold Winnipeg Morning


Thom Bargen, Coffee & Tea, 64 Sherbrook, Winnipeg. Opened Feb 2013
What 64 Sherbrook street used to look like. June 2012

From the CBC Manitoba Website;

Thom Bargen Coffee & Tea:
“Just serving great coffee in a cool atmosphere” is the simply-stated goal of friends and baristas Thomas John Hiebert and Graham Bargen. But it’s actually more than that. The pair hopes their new coffee shop will be a hub, an environment that encourages creativity and art  — a place where people can come and discuss culture and be inspired.

So they asked themselves, “If we walked to a coffee shop, what would we want to see?” And then they went about designing exactly that. Their newly renovated building features an industrial-modern design with warm wood and exposed brick. “It’s a pairing of a nice gallery where we can showcase what we want, but it also has a bit of an edge to suit West Broadway.” And look for a changing exhibit of bicycles on the wall. “We love bikes. In our opinion, a bike is one of the timeless pieces of art,” Bargen says.

And these fellows take their coffee very seriously. Count on the freshest direct-trade coffee sourced from around the world. Bargen says they treat their coffee like food. “It’s seasonal, it’s harvested in certain regions in certain countries and we serve it completely fresh. A lot of it is the education we’re bringing to the community of what coffee can actually be about.”

They also feature a selection of looseleaf teas brewed in their slick new teapresso machine. Freshly baked goods (from Jonnies Sticky Buns) round out the menu. Thom Bargen Coffee & Tea will be open 7:00 – 7:00, seven days a week at 64 Sherbrook St.”  Andrea Ratuski

Thom Bargen, Coffee & Tea, 64 Sherbrook, Winnipeg. The Hudson Bay blankets are a big hit!




Gluten Free Apple Jacks


Thom Bargen, Coffee & Tea, 64 Sherbrook, Winnipeg





Thom Bargen, Coffee & Tea, 64 Sherbrook, Winnipeg






Bike hanging above us in the coffee shop


Graham Bargen does a double pour over as Josh and Thom Hiebert Look on


Thom Jon Hiebert of Thom Bargen Coffee


Sarah Zaharia asks the questions.




Graham Bargen of Thom Bargen coffee


In the back is a little clothing and leather goods factory; Wilder Dry Goods, Winnipeg Manitoba


Vintage Industrial Singer Sewing Machine



Wilder Dry Goods, Winnipeg Manitoba


“Sharing the Sherbrook Street location in the back room of the café is Wilder Dry Goods, a joint operation between Brendon Friesen and Nathan Bezoplenko. Together they have been making bags, aprons, and other items and are excited to have a retail space to sell them. They’ve moved their Exchange District workshop and now work out of the back room of their retail space, behind the incredible barn-style door.” Greg Gallinger


Denim Apron by Wilder Dry Goods, Winnipeg





Thom Bargen, Coffee & Tea, 64 Sherbrook, Winnipeg


Barista Josh Rocks the Bow Tie



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