The Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival (day 9) 2011

Got up early today and had a coffee with Andrew Milne and watched some Tour de France. I know nothing about Tour de France except I wear the little biking hats sometimes.

For the first time in a week the temperature was reasonable, but then the wind showed up and started tossing tents and papers around. It wrecked a lot of Fringe posters.

I was feeling low energy in the picture taking department and was going to write the day off, but then I came back at night and found some good stuff.

People keep coming up and telling me how great the photos are and I don’t know how to react properly so I usually blurt something awkward. So let me say “thank you” to everyone now.

Thank you.


Diamond Disk Dogs. Jumping Frisbee dogs



Crooning on the sidewalk






Wind wrecked posters









More chains equals more securities.



Lennard Taylor, the man who makes my hipster pants




All City Modern Convenience



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