The Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival (day 8) July 20 2011

It rained very slightly this morning but has not cooled down.

The heat wave continues to make me melt like a caramel crocodile.

Delivery for the Mayberry Fine Art Gallery

 Mayberry Fine Art


Ross McMillan debates the finer points of theatre.


The Woodbine on Main loads up for another round of beer.




Winnipeg only has two Horses on the Police Service. Titus and Amaro








Today is balloon day at Kids Fringe!





Busy working on his solo project.


The Winnipeg Art Gallery puppet stage at the Fringe




no comment


Beer baby!






the Big Top Fringe 2011 Poster (Winnipeg Theatre Fest)
Late night beer tent conversation


Pensive lemonade



The Broken Laces rock the stage


David Zellis, Steve MacIntyre, and Dan Walechuk in "Mr Crumple's Puppet Pad" Directed by Doug Bagot.




The Flaming Trolleys steal focus


Kaj Hasselriis runs off


Cyrus Smith has a sad burrito



Frisco Fred wows the crowd


Gram Hnatiuk does the sidewalk chalk


Winnipeg Bicycles





Toby says "Sooooo tasty"


Marlo has three jobs.






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