The Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival (day 6) July 18 2011

The local convenience store has become the cool hangout. (All City Modern Convenience)



Winnipeg street culture


The Flaming Trolleys Anarchist Marching Band do a little rehearsal in Front of Winnipeg's famous Ragpickers; and freak out the Normals at the local bitch bar around the corner.




Midnight mini donuts


RC Weslowski and the Wet Dream Catcher



A fringe Chihuahua


The Fringe Beer Tent is a rockin.


This is not attempted murder even though it looks like it. It's just good fun in the beer tent.


The Tragically Hip's Road Apples came out 20 years ago. The Shirt is still fresh; silly fresh.


Beer cap detachment caught in mid air.


Frisco Fred lights up the night



Chris Without the Hat with the shaving cream on his face


Ken and Tim steal the show; again.



Jane Testar interviews Ross McMillan about something surprising.





Red isolation; too corny, but I had to do it.


Jacqueline Loewen, of the Hot Thespian Action


Sweet! Police on vinyl!


All City Modern Convenience, the local hangout


It was 37 in the shade. The Bus driver stopped the bus right on Bannatyne and got out for a cool mist.





Shelby Bond


Playin the wang dang doodle


Brett Howe






The Post no Bills Gallery gets a sign upgrade by Andrew


This is the image of the day. Hot, brown, dry empty grass. Everyone is hiding in the shade.


Graham Hnatiuk says this is the best picture he has ever seen, of himself.


The poster tunnel on Main street.









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