The Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival (day 1) 2011

Leif Norman has been the official Fringe Theatre Festival photographer since, ohh, about 2005? I forget.

This year and last year he has had some great help from Brett Howe who always insists on buying the beer. Such a nice guy.

Hugh is doing some last minute set ups.
The first two beers sold in the beer tent! 12:08 pm exactly. Two Bud Lights precicely.

The fashion vendors get ready to go.
Kids Fringe
Outside Joke tape up some posters.
...and then Andrea Del Campo pounds Toby in the gentlemen area.

Jem Rolls and Jon Lochlan Stewart

TJ Dawe
Kate and Andrew in Grim and Fischer
Colin Godbout
Hedwig and her angry Inch

Ryan Gladstone counts it up.
Scarlet Woman
Yay for Jeesus!
Lizard Boy

Squaaaw! (chipmunks ate my bicycle) Kevin Kennedy
Erik de Waal lookin mean.
... and then he plays with animals.
The Great American Trailer Park Musical
Howard Petrick
Drek Daa (It's Yes. A one man mockery of all things human)

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