“The Sound of Your Eyes Closing” Der Geist Theatre, May 21 2010

Stephen Furmaniuk is a playwright, director and actor from Winnipeg. His plays include Like Human Beings, Carnival of the Dead, and his adaptation of Mikhail Bulgakov’s The Master and Margarita, which he also directed, with Avera Theatre. His most recent work is The Sound of Yours Eyes Closing, a surrealistic thriller set in the Icelandic settlement of the Manitoba Interlake in 1890.

Der Geist Theatre is a Winnipeg-based internationally-acclaimed experimental theatre collective, presenting innovative original productions that challenge both the heart and the mind.

Stephen Furmaniuk and Der Geist Theatre are presenting the Play The Sound of Your Eyes Closing in Winnipeg May 14 – 21 at Studio Incarnate.

Performed at:

STUDIO 320   Third Floor

320-70 Albert Street

Winnipeg, Manitoba


Performed by:

Alison Vargo

Chris Sabel

Brenda McLean

Music: “Russian Seagull” by Helle Gerda Olsen         Russian seagull_1'39''

(Der Geist Theatre ceased to be in early 2011. Sad.)



Alison Vargo


Brenda McLean











Chris Sabel



















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