The Secondhandpants Science Folktion Send Off, June 9 2013

Witness Dr. Professor Mallomar Garfield as he unveils his newest invention! Weep as Space Robot sings his latest love-sick lament! Watch Rocket John amaze you with his heroic antics! Plus surprises, special guests, theatrical hijinks, and robot dance-offs!


Setting up for the big show



Asa Nodelman, puppet master




The Secondhandpants!


Francis Leonard on the Ukulele


Wyll Maynard plays the Space Bucket Bass and the plastic bag




Lif-Tor the robot plays the Electric Bass









Dr. Professor Malomar Garfield


This amazing device can make musicians on command. Drummers are easy.




Mitch Braun and Joe Cote













Ben Dyck announces intermission in his best radio voice





Dancing Robots






The Marching Band “The Flaming Trolleys” and The Secondhandpants










David (Doc) Froese


It’s Rocket John!





The Secondhand Strings Quartet

Conductor: Jeremy Wiebe, 1st Violin: Julie Rempel, 2nd Violin: Tara Woodyard, Viola: Tatiana Friesen, Cello: Heidi Koop



Buck Roberts, Sasquatch Hunter













Francis Leonard and his smaller double


Geoff Hughes is a big Fan of the Secondhandpants!



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