The Nepinak Family sets up Teepees at the Forks, Jan 18 2014

Barb and Clarence Nepinak, with the help of Becky and Mike, set up two Teepees at the Forks in Winnipeg. They have been doing this every January for a few years.

Mike plots the circle


Clarence and Mike sort the Tamarack poles from shortest to longest.


The canvas loops are arranged




Make sure the right side is up!



Close up of the Teepee Canvas




The main four poles are carefully tied together.





The door always faces East.


The four poles are raised. This part is tricky.







More poles are placed in a specific order and wrapped with rope.



Clarence Nepinak hold the line



Looking up at the Teepee frame




Mike and Becky make sure Clarence is doing it right.



Looking up inside a finished teepee




The canvas pole is raised



Spreading the canvas like a skirt







Wooden and metal spikes hold it down




Teepee canvas by Grace M Stevenson



The Teepees at the Forks, Winnipeg


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