The Innovators 2013 – Featuring Bruce Croxon, CBC Dragon and Founder of Lavalife, April 18 2013

The Innovators 2013

 Featuring Mark Kelley, CBC Journalist

in Conversation with

Bruce Croxon, CBC Dragon and Co-Founder of Lavalife

Bruce Croxon ImageBruce Croxon 
CBC Dragon and Co-Founder of Lavalife

Bruce Croxon is one of the newest investors on the hit CBC series Dragons’ Den and a co-founder of He draws his business enthusiasm from venturing off the beaten path and approaching potential opportunities from unique angles.

Bruce believes innovation and risk-taking go hand in hand. In order for an organization to continuously innovate and succeed, they must be willing to take calculated risks, make mistakes and most importantly learn from them.  Find out how continuous innovation and collaboration built Lavalife into a 100 million dollar company. The aim isn’t perfection, it’s to be right more than you’re wrong and to capitalize on these small, incremental gains that over time lead to breakthrough results.

Kelley Image Mark Kelley 
CBC Journalist

Mark Kelley is a multi-award-winning journalist with five Gemini Awards for his work with CBC News: Disclosure and The National and most recently for his hosting of Connect with Mark Kelley.

Mark joined the Fifth Estate On-Air Team in September, 2013 – returning to his investigative roots at CBC.

In addition to his duties with The Fifth Estate, Mark continues to contribute to The National.

Date:Thursday, April 18, 2013

Location:The Winnipeg Convention Centre, 375 York Avenue, 2nd Level

Time:Networking Reception – 5:30 pm  Dinner – 6:30 pm


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Winnipeg Convention Centre Dinner



Bruce Croxon (centre)

















Hon. Peter Bjornson, Gimli
Minister of Entrepreneurship, Training and Trade
NDP and Bruce Croxon




















Winnipeg Writer and very funny guy, Brad Oswald









CBC’s Janet Stewart


Mark Kelley, CBC Journalist




Bruce Croxon and Mark Kelley in conversation














Bruce Croxon and Mark Kelly


Bruce and Mark compare notes



Mark Kelley, Janet Stewart and Bruce Croxon








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