The Circus of Objects; Adhere and Deny

Adhere and Deny’s “The Circus of Objects”

315-70 Albert Street

This is the 4th Circus that has occurred. The next one will be even bigger!

Grant Guy (producer, director, writer, founder of the performance, theatre company Adhere and Deny)


Carolyn Gray, Miss Lyndsay Ladobruk, The Wishweweres (Daniel Walechuk), The Secondhand Pants, Ken Gregory, Matt McLeod, Susan Chafe, jaymez, Alex Poruchnyk

The Secondhand Pants rock the joint.

the secondhandpants

Grant Guy
Lyndsay becomes the stage and the entire show at once
Ken Gregory wields the Jaw Harp and makes unworldly noises.

cheap meat dreams and acorns; Ken’s Blog

Grant gets ready to make a splash.
Daniel Walechuk of "The Wishweweres" do a real dangerous stunt. No one was hurt.
Daniel Walechuk
The Secondhand Pants
Carolyn Gray and...

Grant Guy

Ken Gregory

Carolyn teaching the Pants how to drink like men. Coinicidentally she is wearing a "Nutty Club" t-shirt that I silkscreened a few years ago. She never knew i made them when she bought it at Mondragon.

Claire Therese
Adhere and Deny; the Circus of Objects



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