The Cat Came Back, MTYP, Jan 31 2012

The Cat Came Back

Co-Created by Fred Penner, Jay Brazeau and Kim Selody
World premiere stage adaptation commissioned and developed by MTYP

Running Time: 60 minutes

A remarkable trio, Fred Penner, Jay Brazeau and Kim Selody have joined together to create abrand new play about the unusual relationship a man has with his cat. In a fanciful tale inspired by the song Fred has made universally famous, we meet a merry band of musicians who must deal with their grumpy neighbour Mr. Johnson and his mysterious pet. Together they learn about the joys and challenges of friendship, and how we can take care of each other. Outstanding feline humour, performances and rockin’ music make this show an event no Winnipegger will want to miss!

Primary Creator, Actor, Musician | Fred Penner
Primary Creator, Actor, Musician | Jay Brazeau
Puppeteer, Musician |  Paul Hooson
Puppeteer, Musician |  Jessee Havey

Fred Penner and Jessee Havey
Puppeteer, Musician | Paul Hooson and Fred Penner


Jay Brazeau has a fit while Fred Penner looks on





MTYP, The Cat Came Back, Jan 2012











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