SWELL, A Play Based on the Graphic Novel by Julliacks, Nov 9 2012

“Graphic novel evolves into stage journey of grief”

by Kevin Prokosh, Winnipeg Free Press
November 9th, 2012

SWELL, a play based on the graphic novel by Juliacks

New York City director Kathleen Amshoff knew little about Winnipeg when she accepted an invitation to come here to create the latest version of a graphic novel for the stage.

Swell is an art comic by American artist Juliacks that has been dramatized by groups of artists around the world before its full-length première last March at Culture Project’s Women Center Stage Festival in Manhattan.

Winnipeg doesn’t typically follow New York City on the avant-garde art-making circuit.

“I think I heard the name when I was in grad school in Pittsburgh,” says Amshoff, who is helming Swell at the Atomic Centre this weekend. “I always had the idea that Winnipeg and Pittsburgh were related cities with a post-industrial legacy and perogies.

“Then I started reading about the work Guy Maddin is doing here. I watched a little bit of My Winnipeg. In my mind, it seems like a centre of experimentation.”

Swell has been developed south of the border, as well as in Australia and Scandinavia. It was in Sweden last year when local curator and writer Milena Placentile met Juliacks and offered to host Swell 2.0 in Winnipeg at the Atomic Centre, a huge multidisciplinary art space at Logan Avenue and Martha Street.

“We plan to keep touring the project both in the States and nationally, in each place collaborating with local artists,” says the Houston-born Amshoff. “It’s a lot more interesting, though a lot more work, than simply dropping down in a city and doing a show.”

The 20-something Juliacks (Julia Stein), who is also coming to Winnipeg, uses the world of comics to explore challenging topics such as death, grief and memory. Swell, the final work of a series called The Tome of Hallow County, is the story of Emmeline, who unexpectedly loses her sister after a strained time in their relationship and goes on a strange, idiosyncratic journey of grief.

In a New York Times review, the actress playing Emmeline was lauded for carrying “you through the story’s emotional netherworld, and you emerge grateful for having made Emmeline’s acquaintance.”

In Winnipeg, with cast members Tanja Woloshen, Coral Maloney, Brenda McLean, Chris Sabel and Charlene Van Buekenhout, Swell is being re-imagined by local designer Barb Choboter with live manipulation of projected images from the book. As with the graphic novel, the dominant colour scheme is back and white.

Since 2008, Swell has been a recurring part of Amshoff’s artistic life. She, like Juliacks, is one of three sisters and could immediately empathize with Emmeline.

“The story and imagery in Swell are one of a kind,” says Amshoff, who, also like Juliacks, is a Fulbright scholar. “I love Juliacks’ drawings: they are primitive, intricate, kaleidoscopic. They capture something about the experience of loss.”

Following the Friday and Saturday evening performances, bereavement consultants and educators will conduct a post-show conversation. Performance artist Lasha Mowchun will be handing out free maps to the afterlife in the lobby.



Atomic Centre, 167 Logan Ave.

Runs tonight and Saturday at 8 p.m. and Sunday at 2 p.m.

Tickets: $10, reserve at 204-944-1621

Republished from the Winnipeg Free Press print edition November 9, 2012 D3


Juliacks applies the makeup


SWELL based on the graphic novel by Juliacks
adapted by: Kathleen Amshoff, Sam Creely, Juliacks, Winnipeg & New York Companies directed by: Kathleen Amshoff


Kathleen Amshoff: Director

Charlene Van Buekenhout: Emmeline, others

Barbara Choboter: Scenic Design

Sam Creely: Associate Director, Projections, Wig Design, Dramaturgy

Juliacks: Source Material, Costume Design, Performance installation

Coral Maloney: Emmeline, Lydia, Jiliza, others

Brenda McLean: Emmeline, Martha, others

Lasha Mowchun: Performance installation

Chris Sabel: Emmeline, Andy Yak, Harold, others

Tanja Woloshen: Lucy, Choreography

Milena Placentile, Chris Poulsen, Tim Harding, and The Atomic Centre

Bereavement counselor Ruth Thomson, MSW RSW Death educator and grief consultant Hedie Epp

The Culture Project, YNeile Bobb-Semple, Emma Galvin, Taryn Humphrey, Kaitlin Kaufman, Sam Kusnetz,

Jared Mezzochi, Katey Parker, Damon Pelletier, Eija Ranta, Dan Vidor, Jeanette Yew

Charlene Van Buekenhout, Tanja Woloshen



JULIACKS’ ongoing project is the production of a graphic novel and derivative performances. The comic, Swell tells the story of Emmeline Grouse and her family in the midst of grief for Lucy, the sister and daughter of the family who has recently died.

She has recently completed drawing the novel and printed a limited edition of 110 books with silk screened interior pages and a stone lithography cover-made possible by the Royal Academy of Art’s Project Program in Stockholm.

Making performances of various kinds since 2007, Juliacks has been working with theatrical Director Kathleen Amshoff since 2008 on an immersive theatrical adaptation combining performance art, video and sound to tell the story of SWELL.
More info soon on www.swellshow.org

Things Aren’t Right







Emmeline Grouse lives in a small town in Vermont, in a house overlooking an abandoned cemetery where she and her sister Lucy would often play. Adapted from the comic art novel by US-born/Lyon-based artist Juliacks, SWELL explores the memory-shifting and kaleidoscopic journey of grief as Emmeline confronts her fears, dreams and imagination.














Brenda McLean






Coral Maloney









Sam Creely: Associate Director, Projections, Wig Design, Dramaturgy





Charlene Van Buekenhout, Chris Sabel














Graphic Novel Lithograph Edition by Juliacks; SWELL




Chris Sabel in SWELL


I got a map to the afterlife by a mysterious hooded woman. (Lasha Mowchun) It involved writing on my hand with a black permanent marker.


Lasha Mowchun; Maps to the Afterlife



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