“Such Creatures” Dec 31 2013

Winnipeg theatre legend shares stage with aspiring actor.

Brownstone and Gislina Patterson star in Such Creatures by Judith Thompson.

By Andrea Ratuski, CBC News Posted: Jan 02, 2014 12:45 PM CT

“71 years separate the two actors in Such Creatures. Veteran actor Doreen Brownstone, 91, shares the stage with Gislina Patterson, 20, in this play by Judith Thompson. It’s Patterson’s first independently produced show.

Brownstone plays the role of a Holocaust survivor who returns to Auschwitz and Patterson plays the role of a teenager waiting in a park to confront a rival gang. The story of these women finding their strength unfolds in two parallel monologues.

It was Patterson’s idea to stage the play and to invite Brownstone to be part of it. “It’s a perfect part for her because she’s Jewish and was a teenager during the Holocaust, so it’s incredibly personal to her,” said Patterson.

Doreen Brownstone plays the role of Holocaust survivor Sorele. (photo by Leif Norman)

She said it’s a wonderful experience to work with Brownstone. “She is so professional and so committed and so passionate. It’s been such a privilege to be in the room with her and see her work and work along side her. It’s amazing to see how emotionally invested she’s gotten in this show.”

She added that her mother, Debbie Patterson, also did her first professional show with Brownstone when she was 15.

The play is being directed by Patterson’s father, Arne MacPherson. She said she loves working with her dad. “We understand each other and he know what I need and how to communicate with me. I really like working with him because I really trust him and he’s not afraid to push me as hard as he can so that I can go beyond what I think I’m capable of.””


Such Creatures, presented by the Incompletely Strangled Theatre Company, runs at the Colin Jackson Studio, Prairie Theatre Exchange January 2 – 5   2014.

Gislina Patterson in Such Creatures









Doreen Brownstone in Such Creatures














Doreen Brownstone


Such Creatures, presented by the Incompletely Strangled Theatre Company, runs at the Colin Jackson Studio, Prairie Theatre Exchange January 2 – 5 2014.














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