St Regis Hotel, June 27 2017

St. Regis Hotel to close next month, ending 107-year run.

Hotel will be demolished to make way for eight-storey complex.


“One of the city’s oldest hotels — the 107-year-old St. Regis Hotel — will be closing next month as its owners prepare to demolish it and build a new parkade/retail complex on the Smith Street property.

Ontario-based Fortress Real Developments Inc. purchased the hotel and an adjacent parking lot from the city’s downtown development agency — CentreVenture Development Corp. — in 2015 with the intention of demolishing it and replacing it with an eight-storey parkade/office/retail complex.”


St Regis Winnipeg, Awesome vintage decorations.







The old bar. Where people drank and then went out into downtown Winnipeg to make trouble.


The Saint Regis Hotel Oak Room



The hotel has many crutches, walkers and wheelchairs that were left behind. Were the people miraculously cured?


Beautiful vintage wood and stained glass. St Regis Hotel, Winnipeg.



The St Regis Hotel Kitchen







The old front desk, St Regis Hotel.





The messy basement. St Regis Hotel, Winnipeg


In case of Emergency phone City Hydro; WHitehall 6-8341





Old Compressors and motors fill the basement of the St Regis


Bell Refrigerator Co. Winnipeg Manitoba






Vintage Boiler Room



The Linen Room




Mr Hanlon



St Regis Hotel Rooms



The Honeymoon Suite in the Saint Regis Hotel is called “The Retreat” and has a heart shaped tub with peeling red paint.







You can still see the old wooden moulding above the suspended ceiling




On the roof of the St Regis Hotel. A good view of the Winnipeg Skyline.







Downtown Winnipeg from the rooftops





The wheels at the top of the elevator shaft



The St Regis elevator shaft







The old beer delivery door

















Vintage photo of the Saint Regis Hotel, Winnipeg


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