Shakespeare in The Ruins, Julius Caesar, June 4 2013

SIR Program June 2013

From the website:

“…they have a winner on their hands… this is a Julius Caesar that earns its laurels.”

– Joff Schmidt, CBC Manitoba Scene    Click here to read Joff Schmidt’s complete review for Manitoba Scene!


“Cry ‘havoc,’ and let slip the dogs of war”

–      Mark Antony

“Just watch me…”

–      Pierre Elliot Trudeau


“In 1970, Quebec’s Minister of Labour, Pierre LaPortewas murdered by the Front de Liberation du Quebec, a separatist group who wanted to end “Anglo-Saxon imperialism”. This brought about the invoking of the War Measures Act by Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau (the Caesar of his day), in which our government suspended civil liberties and arrested over 400 individuals suspected of having ties to the radical organization.

Set  in Canada during the time of the FLQ Black October Crisis, SIR’s first production of Julius Caesar will illuminate the truth that Shakespeare realized over 400 years ago: that we are all capable of transgressing our moral code and of committing acts we would otherwise view as abhorrent, in the name of “liberty”.

Celebrate our 20th Anniversary with us as we present a dynamic, immersive, accessible, one-of-a-kind, outdoor, promenade performance (whew!) of Shakespeare’s magnificent and timeless examination of loyalty, ambition and political conspiracy amid the incomparable setting of the Ruins!”

Rob McLaughlin



Steven Ratzlaff: Caesar


Michelle Boulet: Lena, Calpurnia, 4th Citizen

Andrew Cecon: Antony

Toby Hughes: Soothsayer, Trebonius, Octavius’ Servant, Cinna the Poet, Messala

Kevin Klassen: Brutus

Rob McLaughlin:   Casca, Caesar’s Servant, 1st Citizen, Pindarus, 1st Soldier, Volumnius

Ross McMillan: Cinna the Conspirator, CSIS #1, 2nd Citizen, Titinius, Clitus

Ryan Miller: Octavius, CSIS #2, Mettelus Cimber, Antony’s Servant

Steven Ratzlaff: Caesar, 3rd Citizen, 2nd Soldier, Dardanius

Marina Stephenson Kerr: Cassius


Sarah Constible: Director

Wanda Farian: Costume Designer

Janelle Regalbuto: Set and Props Designer

Christopher Brauer: Text Coach

Jacquie Loewen: Fight Director


Rob Rowan: Production Manager

Lisa Nelson: Stage Manager

Jessica Freundl: Apprentice Stage Manager

Steve Vande Vyvere: Property Coordinator, Production Assistant & Running Crew



Steven Ratzlaff, Ryan Miller, Andrew Cecon and Rob McLaughlin


Ryan Miller, Toby Hughes and Ross McMillian


Marina Stephenson Kerr and Kevin Klassen



Toby Hughes








Shakespeare in the Ruins, Julius Caesar


Steven Ratzlaff and Michelle Boulet




Steven Ratzlaff as Julius Caesar




Julius Caesar is assassinated




















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