Sean Keane, April 10 2011

Frank Harrison, which is the name Sean has for the comic character, gets back in the groove.

Having been away from the comedic stage for some time we decided to celebrate with an impromptu photo shoot in the lobby of the Winnipeg Fairmont Hotel.

Sean Keane, April 2011 in Winnipeg



Sean Keane on stage at Pantages Theatre for the Winnipeg Comedy Fest 2011

“Much loved and respected Canadian comedian Sean Keane died this past Tuesday December 4 2012 of a heart attack. A product of the 1980s Montreal comedy scene, Sean had a unique baritone voice and physical style that influenced a generation. Sean delivered masterful one-liners as his alter ego Frank Harrison, with family being his favourite target. Sean wore a signature 50′s suit at a time when other comics dressed down for the stage. Sean loved show business and his primary influences were musicians like Glenn Miller, Frank Sinatra and The Mills Brothers. As a result, every comedy set had a jazzy flow.
Sean had a heart condition as a child and spent many months in the Montreal Children’s hospital. This may have contributed to his anxiety about touring.
His CD Some Men Are Great , a collection of prank phone calls, was available in the early 1990s in record stores.
Sean Keane was one of a kind, a rare talent. A great Montrealer.”
– Carolyn Bennett

Sean Keane  aka “Frank Harrison”



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