School of Contemporary Dancers, 40th Anniversary June 2 2013 Gala

Gala 3: Sunday, June 2, 2013

Master of Ceremonies: Fred Penner, C.M.

Renowned Founder of Contemporary Dance in Canada
Founder of Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers & The School of Contemporary Dancers Dedicated to Rachel’s Daughters: Ruth Asper, Miriam Browne, Annette Browne

Rachel was an honoured mentor and supporter to Odette Heyn, Faye Thomson, Stephanie Ballard , Gaile Petursson­ Hiley and the School. She served as a core faculty teacher throughout the history of the Professional Program . Her teaching was focused through her choreography and rehearsal direction. She had a profound influence in the training of young artists through her outstanding gifts as a rehea rsal director. Rachel followed the progression of the students with great interest and enthusiasm and they were deeply honoured to be able to work with her. She taught us to care for our community with passion. She believed in the work, she believed in us. What greater gift can there be?

‘Freddy’, ‘Radiance’, ‘My Romance’ and ‘Willow Island’ were mounted for Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers
Rachel Browne Tribute Tour, ‘Toward Light’, made possible by the generous lead donations of
The Sensible Shoes Foundation Inc: David & Ruth Asper, and The Asper Foundation .

************************************** ***

Lobby Installation: Video THE EXHIBITIONIST
Choreography & Dancer: Ming Hon
Video: Kayla Jeanson & Ryan Simmons; edited by Ryan Simmons
Music: Donna Summer



Dancers: Jolene Bailie, Don Halquist

Company: Bill Evans Dance Company
Artistic Director: William (Bill) Evans
Choreography: William (Bill) Evans
Music: Valeria Munnarriz/Traditional
Dancers: Jolene Bailie, Don Halquist
This performance is dedicated, with cherished memories, to our beloved friend and mentor Rachel Browne .
Bill, Don & Jo





Susie Burpee & Linnea Swan


ROAD TRIP (excerpts) Creation & Performance :
Music: Rachel’s

Susie Burpee & Linnea Swan

The complete work of ‘Road Trip’ was inspired by our shared artistic histories. We are g reatly influenced by the teachers, mentors, and choreographers with whom we’ve been fortunate to work, including the extraordinary Rach el Browne.
S.B. & L.S.






Dancer: Johanna Riley


FREDDY (1991)
Choreography: Rachel Browne
Rehearsal Director : Brent Lott

Music: Traditional Berlin Text, Kurt Weill, Roger Fernay, Lion Feuchtwanger,
performed by Teresa Stratas
Original Costume Design: Randal Newman, reconstructed by Norma Lachance
Dancer: Johanna Riley
These satirical musical compositions, created in Germany between the two World Wars, captured the tone of social decadence that characterized these times.





Dancer : Kristin Haight

Choreography : Rachel Browne
Music: JS Bach; arrangements by Busoni, performed by Murray Perahia
Original Costume Design: Norma Lachance
Dancer : Kristin Haight
Rachel created this solo for Kristin Haight; it was the last dance of Rachel ‘s to be presented by Winnipeg ‘s Contemporary Dancers.
“For Kris. In memory of the late Babs Asper, who loved dance, and composer Ann Southam , who turned to the music of Bach for solace ” – Rachel Browne




Dancer: Treasure Waddell

Choreography: Rachel Browne
Rehearsal Director: Brent Lott

Music: Rogers and Hart, Hoagy Carmichael, performed by Almeta Speaks
Original Costume Design: Randal Newman reconstructed by Norma Lachance
Dancer: Treasure Waddell
Rachel created this work for her daughter, Miriam






Carol-Ann Bohrn, Hannah Everest, Brianna Ferguson , Jillian Groening, Ekaterina Likhotin, Sam Penner, Amy Webb, Ardley Zozobrado

Choreography: Rachel Browne
Rehearsal Directors: Faye Thomson, Kristin Haight
Music: Simon Jeffes performed by The Penguin Cafe Orchestra
Costume Design: reconstructed by Norma Lachance
Dancers: Professional Program 2013 Graduates: Carol-Ann Bohrn, Hannah Everest, Brianna Ferguson , Jillian Groening, Ekaterina Likhotin, Sam Penner, Amy Webb, Ardley Zozobrado

This work was created for the 25th Anniversary of The School of Contemporary Dancers Professional Program. Rachel ‘s cabin at Willow Island on Lake Winnipeg has been her source of inspiration and gratitude. In the summer of 1997, Rachel read and contemplated by the lake as she dealt with deep personal change. When she returned to Winnipeg she began a challenging process that produced a joyful dance.







Robyn Thomson Kacki


‘HomeAgain’ is an intergenerational Dance Theatre Work by critically acclaimed choreographer Stephanie Ballard. Created for thirteen dance artists who vary in age and experience, this work embraces a cognitive mapping of memories both physical and emotional. ‘HomeAgain’ pays tribute to Rachel Browne and numerous women who have made a difference to modern dance in Winnipeg. The choreographer believes that archetypes spring from collective consciousness, and every archetype is present in every one of us.

‘HomeAgain’ is dedicated to my mentors and friends, Rachel Browne and Arnold Spohr -S.B.

Choreography: Stephanie Ballard
‘Outside Eye’: Faye Thomson
S.B. Personal Assistant: Claire Hardy
Music: a collage of arias sung by Maria Callas
Costume Design: Stephanie Ballard
Photographers: Bram Singleton, Vince Pahkala
Dancers (in order of appearance):
Robyn Thomson Kacki, Paula Blair, Rachel Cooper, Kristin Haight, Freya Olafson, Leslie Crozier, Kathleen Hiley, Nicole Owens, Arlo Reva , Nina Patel, Odette Heyn




Paula Blair





Rachel Cooper




Kristin Haight





Freya Olafson


Leslie Crozier





Kathleen Hiley


Nicole Owens


Arlo Reva





Nina Patel



Odette Heyn







Hugh Conacher, lighting designer



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