Romeo and Juliet, MTYP, May 30 2012

Manitoba Theatre for Young People: Aboriginal Arts Training and Mentorship program presents

Romeo and Juliet, May 31 – June 3

MTYP’S Aboriginal Arts Training and Mentorship program
Master Class
William Shakespeare’s
Romeo and Juliet

“With live period music and dancing, intense sword fights and Shakespeare’s soaring poetry, this play shows the brilliance of Aboriginal youth when given the opportunity to shine.”

-Anne Baragar, Director

From May 31st-June 3rd, 2012, MTYP’s Aboriginal Arts Training and Mentorship Program will present William Shakespeare’s masterpiece Romeo and Juliet with an all Aboriginal cast consisting of students from the age of 15 to 24 from the master class and directed by Anne Baragar, who has been passionately teaching and directing at MTYP for two decades.

The master class provides an intensive training experience through the rehearsal and performance of a scripted play on the MTYP mainstage. Master class graduates, John Cook (winner of Best Actor at the 2010 America Indian Film Festival) and Joshua Ranville, are now attending Studio 58 in Vancouver, BC. Last summer several cast members were featured at the 2011 Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival with their “Best of Fest” hit production of Little Red Riding Hood directed by Steven Schipper.
From classic fairy tales to classic drama; written in the late 16th Century, Romeo and Juliet still connects. “A lot of what Shakespeare wrote back in his time, all the problems and situations they go through, I see youth still struggle with today” says Braiden Houle, who will be taking on the role of Romeo.

Mentoring artist Tracey Nepinak will appear as Friar Laurence in this production sharing her knowledge freely while working alongside the students in the Aboriginal tradition. “The youth relate to themes of love, family allegiance, gang violence, despair, suicide and the unique relationship that elders play in the community.” says Nepinak. “It’s a timeless drama and a timeless tragedy and everyone can relate to it no matter what age you are” adds Kelsey Wavey who shares the role of Juliet with Ivy Chatelain. “This is not like any other show” says Ivy, “the fact that it’s an all Aboriginal cast. It’s a kind of test, for people to see that we’re equal to everybody else and that we’re just as good, and that we can pull off the work from such an amazing and difficult playwright like Shakespeare.”

“The Aboriginal Arts Training and Mentorship Program under the leadership of Columpa Bobb with incredible staff such as Tracey Nepinak, Ryan Black and Anne Baragar, is a leading exemplar of empowering young people through theatre. The young people who graduate from this program are writers, actors, poets, social leaders. The Aboriginal Arts Training and Mentorship Program under the direction of Columpa is knocking down the Berlin Wall here in Winnipeg.” -Leslee Silverman, MTYP’s Artistic Director

Performances of Romeo and Juliet will be free in order to make the show accessible to all.

Public Shows
Thursday, May 31 at 10:00am
Friday June 1, at 12:00pm
Saturday, June 2nd 7:00pm
Sunday, June 3 at 3:00pm

Tickets for Romeo and Juliet are free and are available through the MTYP Box Office, at 942-8898.
For more information, visit


Braiden Houle as Romeo
Ivy Châtelain as Juliet (Sat) & Lady Montague/Rosaline/Page to Paris (Sun)
Kelsey Wavey as Lady Montague/Rosaline/Page to Paris (Sat) & Juliet (Sun)
Tracey Nepinak (Mentoring Artist) as Friar Laurence/Citizen
Erica Wilson as Abraham/Mercutio/Watchman
Autumn Hotomani as The Nurse
Caine Ford as Tybalt/Friar John/Constable
Jack Morales as Capulet
Mary Black as Lady Capulet
Mark Head as Montague/Chief/Servingman
Rico Morales as Paris/Gregory
Dee Thomas as Benvolio
Aaron Paul as Prince Escalus/Young Friar/Potpan
Robin Guimond as Peter
Sterling Muskego as Balthasar
Cole Dunbar Whiteway as Sampson/Apothecary/Watchman


Angela BrandButler; Keyboard
Frances Moore; Violin

Creative Team
Anne Baragar Director
Emily Barker Stage Manager
James Moore Mentoring Stage Manager & Lighting Designer
Joshua Ranville Assistant Director
Louis Ogemah Set and Costume Designer
Robert Borges Fight Choreographer
Brigitte Baragar Dance Choreographer
Frances Moore Music Director

This is the first time in Manitoba

an all Aboriginal cast has performed

Romeo and Juliet!

















Mentoring artist Tracey Nepinak as Friar Laurence, Romeo and Juliet, MTYP



Braiden Houle as Romeo, MTYP


















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