Road Trip out West, May 9 2017

From Yorkton to Saskatoon, we found some great Ukrainian Churches in rural Saskatchewan and of course, barns.

Yorkton Campground


Loud Cowboy shirts, Yorkton



Saint Peter and Paul Ukrainian Church near Insinger Saskatchewan



Making coffee on an open flame


Gordon Howe Campground, Saskatoon


Saint Mary’s Ukrainian Catholic Church, Yorkton



Design problem. There used to be a door here.


Gladstone Senior’s Residence, the older part, Yorkton



YDB Scoops, Yorkton


Yorkton Saskatchewan, in Black and White


Sidewalk Piano


Yorkton City Hall, Mid Century Modern


Doukhobor House in Yorkton Saskatchewan. 1932




Vintage graffiti carved in bricks. Carter, Lee, Earl, Melinda, Faye


29 Myrtle Ave, Yorkton


Side by side outhouse by Insinger Saskatchewan


Prairie landscape with old building and cloud.


Vintage Ukrainian Graveyard



Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Church, Insinger Saskatchewan




Insinger Saskatchewan


Old Greek Orthodox Church, Insinger


Insinger Saskatchewan is nearly a ghost town


Abandoned building. Insinger Sask.


Falling down building, Insinger





Old building with sticks and mud in the walls for insulation. Very Pioneer Technique.



Pacific Evaporated Milk






Water Pan Jubilee Circulator



Foam Lake, Saskatchewan


Foam Lake, Saskatchewan


1949, Theodore Halyk, Foam Lake



Prairie Barn



No Smoking Allowed



Abandoned farm buildings, Saskatchewan


Abandoned farm buildings, Saskatchewan



Elfros Centennial Park


Icelandic Pioneer Memorial, by Little Quill Lake, Saskatchewan


Vatnabyggd – The Lakes Settlement. Icelanders in Saskatchewan



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