Road Trip out West, May 8 2017

Heather and I loaded up our slightly used but new to us 2015 Nissan Micra for a big trip out to the Pacific Ocean.

The first day was Winnipeg to Yorkton with a stop in Neepawa on the way by.

A house on skids all by itself in a farmer’s field. Oakville Manitoba




We jammed a lot of camping gear in the back of the Micra



2015 Nissan Micra


The Yorkton Campground campsite



John A Davidson house. 1887. Neepawa Manitoba




awesome old mansion in Neepawa


Neepawa Manitoba



Neepawa Manitoba, Bamboo Chinese Food Restaurant


Neepawa Dollar Store


Cool vintage neon sign. Neepawa Press


William Penn Oils painted sign


William Penn Motor Oil, Vintage metal sign


Heidelberg printing press for sale. Neepawa Press.



FREE used photo chemicals



Tom from Neepawa


Vintage office interior, Neepawa


Vivian Motor Hotel, awesome vintage tile pattern


Owen shows us one of the old ways of printing the Neepawa Press


The Neepawa Press has been printing since May 18, 1896



Ken Waddell, who runs the Neepawa Press, shows us the newspaper archives


In the 1940’s advertisers bragged about sending cigarettes to the soldiers overseas!


Awesome boiler knobs and dials.Ken gave us a very thorough tour of the old Neepawa press building.


Vintage Mergenthaler Linotype Machine



The old basement darkroom


Restricted Darkroom, Treck Photographic


Vintage Paint cans


Help! Vintage Printing equipment.


Vote for Ken Waddell, a few years ago.



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