Road Trip out West, May 23 2015

From Port Hardy at the Northern tip of Vancouver Island down to Coombs.

Port Hardy, British Columbia


Wolves recently spotted in the area…


“Port Hardy is a district municipality in British ColumbiaCanada located on the north-eastern coast of Vancouver Island. Port Hardy has a population of 4,008 at last census (2011). It is the gateway to Cape Scott Provincial Park, the North Coast Trail and the BC Marine Trail, located on the northernmost tip of Vancouver Island. The community’s access to spectacular wilderness adventures, such as kayaking, caving, world-class scuba diving, nature viewing, surfing, fishing and camping invites visitors to “Live the Adventure”. from Wikipedia

Port Hardy, BC.



Port Hardy, BC




Cafe Guido in Port Hardy is the happening spot!



Port Hardy Harbour



Pacific Fishing Boats, Port Hardy BC



A real BC fishing boat.





Rope and chain




The Port Hardy Carrot campaign


Port Hardy Museum


Port Hardy BC




Hyde Creek and Woss, BC


Port McNeill, Sointula and Alert Bay


Water not suitable for drinking



Trunk top picnic


Hoomac Lake rest area




Logging on Vancouver Island





Tree Planting saplings after harvesting the forest.


Vancouver Island Clear Cut






Coombs Fairground
The importance of the projectionist in showing a movie properly


Antiques and Vintage stuff in Coombs



Coombs Emporium, Vancouver Island



Unicorn Farm, and Island Soda Works. Vancouver Island


“Local, Wildcrafted, and/or Organic, Naturally Fermented Soda Pop with Living Probiotics Helps Boost Immunity, Cure Hangovers, Settle Upset Tummies, Revitalizes, Makes You More Attractive, Increases Funniness, Increases Kickball and Dodgeball Agility, Helps You Become A Better Person, and Tastes Like Love.”

Island Soda works, Vancouver Island


Amazing Tacos at Island Soda Works, 1430 Errington Rd, Vancouver Island








Island Soda Works, Home of the 20 Mile Taco



Ossabaw Island Hogs







Leif Norman is a dapper woodsman



Mandolyn has vintage Leif Norman photography from the early 2000’s