Road Trip out West, May 19 2015

Shopping in Vancouver through Chinatown, Gastown, and down Granville.

Oil change in Vancouver


Skytrain Station, Vancouver BC



Vintage Vinyl Records, 319 west Hastings, Vancouver





Vintage Vinyl Records, 319 west Hastings, Vancouver



Street Art, Vancouver


Vintage Architectural feature, Stone Face, Vancouver


Fluevog Shoes, GasTown, Vancouver


Leif Norman loves Fluevog shoes.



Hastings, Vancouver





New Sun Ah Hotel, Vancouver vintage signs


Our favourite restaurant in Vancouver’s Chinatown recently burned down. sigh




Vancouver’s Chinatown has awesome shops



Bicycles Vs. Monster Trucks


Columbia Street, Vancouver’s Chinatown



Rings of Saturn, Metal Sewer Cover


Old Railway Tracks, Vancouver



Frank and Oak, Vancouver



Frank and Oak, modern clothing, Vancouver



The Sun Tower, Vancouver

“Sun Tower was built in 1912. The building was commissioned by L.D. Taylor, longtime mayor of Vancouver, to house The Vancouver World newspaper. W.T. Whiteway, the architect for the original Woodwards building, drafted the design. When it was completed, the 17-storey tower was the tallest building in all of the British Empire.

The Vancouver Sun bought the building in 1937, and renamed it Sun Tower. Although The Sun has long since relocated to other offices, the building has been known by that name ever since. The ornate architectural details, bold symmetry, and green dome roof has stood as a proud icon of Vancouver’s history for years.” from

Beatty street, Vancouver




The Victoria Block, Vancouver. Paper Hound Bookshop



Very worn stairs. Neat texture.



Doon’s Vintage Thrift Store, Vancouver. Pender and Homer.



A cool street side Grocery Store, Vancouver





Leif Norman in another Vintage Clothing Store




This sign has too many stickers on it, Vancouver



Revolver Coffee, Vancouver


Revolver Coffee, Vancouver. Espresso versus toy soldiers.



Manitoba Clouds in Vancouver







Canada Place, Vancouver
Granville street is nice and busy, Vancouver.
Granville street, Vancouver


Vintage Television sign, Painted on bricks, Vancouver



Some interesting things left on the sidewalk in Vancouver


25 cent Peep Shows, Vancouver










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