Road Trip out West, May 18 2015

A day in Burnaby and Vancouver. Mostly buying nice shoes, books and used vinyl.

Cute little Cottage in Burnaby BC




Moss Macro



Flower Macro, BC







Volkswagen Beetle slowly rotting in the backyard



Poor old Volkswagen Beetle


Vintage Saw Blade




Ulefos Swedish Ship Stove. It heats the whole cottage.

“Ulefos Jernværk is an iron foundry located at Ulefoss in the municipality Nome, Norway. It was established in 1657 by Ove Gjedde and Preben von Ahnen. The company produced pig iron until 1877. Wood-burning stoves were important products until the 1950s. From 1999 the foundry is owned by the holding company Ulefos NV.” from Wikipedia

Vintage Stove Top with cool old kettles




Vancouver Sushi Restaurant


Amazing Clouds in Vancouver


Granville Island, Vancouver




Granville Island, Vancouver

Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 10.08.49 PM

One of the best websites I have ever seen.

It’s amazing.

Granville Island Market, Vancouver





Under the Granville Street Bridge




The Skytrain, Vancouver


Used Books for sale on the Sidewalk, Commercial Drive




Audiopile, Commercial Drive, Vancouver. Awesome used records and vinyl



Audiopile, Vancouver



Burrard Inlet, Vancouver BC



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