Road Trip out West, May 17, 2017

A day in Vancouver where we mostly went to bookstores, but also discovered bikes to rent, so we went for a ride! I love photographing the gritty streets of Chinatown and trying to capture the feeling of being there on the sidewalk, with some sketchy people lurking around.

One of our favourite places in Vancouver. The Fluevog shoe store!


In Vancouver, one must get good coffee at Revolver Coffee.


Looking out into English Bay, Vancouver


The Burrard Street bridge, Vancouver, BC


Bendy Bus, Vancouver


Commercial Drive vegetable stand, Vancouver





Prado Cafe, Vancouver


Dragon Boat BC



Gas Town Vancouver


Kam Gok Yuen is being rebuilt; or at least something is being built there after the fire in 2015, Vancouver Chinatown



Vancouver Street Scene



Cut the Crap. Respect Culture. Social tension in Vancouver. Rezoning Application


New Sun Ah Hotel, Vancouver


Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee


The famous Macleods Books in Vancouver


You have to ask nice and be a civilized human and Macleod’s Books may allow you to take a photo inside the bookstore. Other photographers give this photographer a bad name.


Vancouver back alley graffiti











Vancouver’s expanding skyline


HELP? Living on the street can be tough, and messy.






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