Road Trip out West, May 16, 2017

Heading south from Lilooet towards Vancouver, we encountered an old avalanche that had gone across the highway north of Whistler, and a wooden bridge built by, a woodsman?

At the North End of Duffey Lake, Highway 99, an avalanche had shut down the highway.



Public Art in Whistler, BC. 1998. Kip Jones and Jennifer Macklem


Possibly Canada’s smallest Tim Hortons. Whistler BC



Beautiful mountains and clouds on highway 99, BC



Cayoosh Creek going along next to Highway 99, BC



Beautiful BC rocks, Geology



Kane Creek Waterfall, Highway 99, BC




We ran into the Canadian Porsche Driving Experience on the highway. It really is a good twisty road.




Whistler BC.





Britannia Beach Mining Museum




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