Road Trip Out West, May 16 2015

Crawford bay to Ainsworth Hot Springs, Kaslo and beyond…


Ainsworth Hot Springs, BC



Inside the Caves, Ainsworth Hot Springs, BC




Mineral deposits. Ainsworth Hot Springs.

Ainsworth Hot Springs, Dissolved minerals in the Water:

  • Calcium Carbonate 35.25
  • Calcium Sulphate 68
  • Magnesium Carb 35
  • Magnesium Sulphate 74
  • Sodium Carbonate 57,60
  • Sodium Sulphate 31
  • Sodium Chloride 6.08
  • Potassium Chloride 5.42
  • Lithium Chloride 28
  • Silica 11.70
  • Iron and Alumina 2.44

(parts per 100,000)




Danger. Keep Off the Rocks.


Crawford Bay, Ferry Landing



Diamond Deck Plate, Kootenay Ferry



Kootenay Lake, BC



Kootenay Ferry, The Osprey 2000





Balfour, BC


D’oH Knot, Balfour Ferry Bay Landing, Old World Bakery



Coffee Creek, BC





Looking up the mountain into the trees. British Columbia.


Mineral Deposits, Ainsworth Hot Springs


J.B. Fletcher, General Merchant, Ainsworth BC






Cedar Shake Roof, BC


Ainsworth Hot Springs Resort, BC.




Kaslo Municipal Hall, built 1898



Kaslo BC




Kaslo Fire Dept




Kaslo BC


Eric’s Meat Market, Kaslo BC




Kaslo BC




Kaslo Vintage Store



Blue Belle Bistro, Kaslo BC


Old fashioned building design, Kaslo BC



Awesome ceramic mugs by Geraldine Rinkel, Kaslo BC






Cool used book store in Kaslo BC. 1896 Books & Silver




Nelson BC




Interesting Bird graffiti, Nelson BC




“76 Trombones” Street Sculpture in Nelson BC by Douglas Walker




Shoe La La, Awesome shoe store in Nelson BC





Booksmyth, used books in Nelson BC


Booksmyth, used books in Nelson BC


Rosetown Antiques, BC






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