Road Trip out West, May 13 2017

Miquelon Lake Campground south of Edmonton all the way into the Mountains, where we encountered snow and hot springs. The drive along Highway 16 west of Edmonton was a bit long and dull.

Snow on the Obed Summit.


An Alberta Tim Horton’s; the drive through is full of large obnoxious pick up trucks.


A skunk or possible a squirrel; Five Pin Bowling in Edson, Alberta


It did rain all over our windshield


Our faithful 2015 Nissan Micra on a Canadian Road Trip. Gotta hit Timmies


The #16 Yellowhead highway looking into the Mountains



The view from Miette Hot Springs. May was still rather snowy.



Miette Hot Springs


Kids were dragging snow into the Miette Hot Springs to watch it melt





Camping in the Wapiti Campground south of Jasper.


A proper Campground meal. Beer and meat.


The Athabasca River by Jasper, Alberta




Edson Alberta






Ashlar Ridge, Alberta











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