Road Trip out West, May 12, 2017

A day in Edmonton.
Bookstores and Whyte Ave.

And a quick visit to Rutherford House.

We camped for a second night in Miquelon Lake and it was rather cold and rainy in the morning.

Selfie reflection in coffee


Interesting folded page book art. Wee Book Inn. Edmonton


Army Navy Surplus. Edmonton


Excellent Breakfast at Cafe Mosaic, Edmonton


Fine baseboards at Rutherford House, Edmonton. 1911


The Art Gallery of Alberta


Heather is also a Pawn Princess


Vintage Laundromat, Edmonton


BEER by Situation brewing


Photos are Samples. (What? Who is this for?)


Two Leifs. Leif Ingebritsen and Leif Norman.


Heather and the Alberta map in the tent



Strathcona Hotel, Edmonton. 1891. No Minors.



The Almanac in Edmonton. Tasty Food.


Kaleb just moved to Edmonton three weeks ago from Whitehorse and is now the front desk dude at the historic Strathcona Hotel built in 1891. He also lived in Old Crow, Yukon where a soda was $7 (!)


Rutherford House, Edmonton; built in 1911. Ron was telling us it was nearly torn down in the 1970’s. Before that it was a frat house. A fancy frat house!



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